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As the summer temperatures start to make their appearance, you want to have an Air Conditioning and Heating company you can count on to handle all repairs. Our team at Heating Cooling Beyond fits that bill. Each of our service technicians is NATE-certified and brings with them years of on-the-job training in addition to their factory training. If you want fast and friendly service at a price you can afford, don’t wait to call us at Heating Cooling Beyond for your ac repairs West Hills.

Why Air Conditioning Maintenance is Important

Regular maintenance on your HVAC system is essential if you want to avoid costly repair bills and unnecessary breakdowns. With regularly scheduled maintenance appointments, you can reduce the risk of these issues by as much as 95%, but that doesn’t mean they won’t happen. Scheduling yearly tune-ups or even seasonal tune-ups for your HVAC system gives our technicians the chance to fully inspect your air conditioner and furnace. During the inspection, our service experts will visually inspect and test all of the major components of your air conditioner and furnace to ensure they are working as they should. This gives us the chance to spot any potential problems and address them before they cause irreparable damage.

Air Conditioning Basics and Common Issues that Require AC Repair Services

For your air conditioning system to work properly, four major components must work together. These are the condenser that sits outside your home, the compressor located inside the condenser, the evaporative coil located inside the home, and the expansion valve that controls the amount of refrigerant allowed into the system. Each of these components is connected with copper tubing. The copper tubing allows the refrigerant to travel throughout the entire system.
As these components break, they require service. Our qualified service technicians with their fully stocked trucks are able to repair 90% of your HVAC system breakdowns without a second visit. Some common issues we face include:

Unusual Smells

HVAC systems should not smell funny. If you notice any unusual smells coming from your furnace or air conditioner, it’s time for a service call. Odd smells can be as simple as a dead animal in the ductwork or near the condenser, but it can also be a sign of faulty wiring or something else.

Loud Noises

If you start hearing squeaks, screeches, whines, whistles, clunks, or other loud noises coming from your HVAC system, it’s time to schedule a service call with Heating Cooling Beyond. These loud or unusual noises are a strong indicator that something is happening inside the unit, such as a worn-out belt, faulty compressor, etc.

The Most Trusted HVAC Contractor & AC Repair Near Me in West Hills

When you call on Heating Cooling Beyond for any of your HVAC needs, you won’t have to worry about multiple service calls to fix any problems. Our highly-trained NATE-certified technicians are not only trained to diagnose the underlying correctly the first time, but they will also repair it without the need for continuous callbacks.
All of our service technicians are able to work on different types of HVAC systems, including but not limited to mini-splits, furnaces, heaters, air conditioners, and more. Being NATE-certified are technicians through NATE training and on-the-job experience have the ability to work on the most popular HVAC brands. We stock our trucks with the most common replacement parts, diagnostic tools, and everything else our technicians need to get your repairs done in a timely manner.


How to Decide if You Need an Air Conditioning Replacement?

Although no homeowner wants to take on the expense of having to replace their air conditioner, sometimes it’s unavoidable. When deciding if it’s time to replace your air conditioner system, you need to think about how old your system is, the ongoing cost of repairs, and how reliable your system is. We generally recommend making the needed repairs for systems less than 10 years old rather than a replacement. In systems that are less than 5 years old, many of these replacement parts are still under the original manufacturer’s warranty.
We often recommend replacing systems that are over 10 years old because, at this point, the repairs needed are often costly. If the cost of repairing your air conditioner is going to be more than half the cost of replacing it, we encourage you to replace the system rather than repair it. The older the unit gets, the more frequently repairs are needed, which quickly add up. We also recommend replacing the HVAC system if it is no longer performing like it should, such as repeated breakdowns.


Why Select Heating Cooling Beyond Heating and Air Conditioning for West Hills Area?

Heating Cooling Beyond offers West Hills residents and businesses the best air conditioner and heater tune-ups to keep your HVAC system running when you need it most. Our reliable and dependable service technicians can perform tune-ups on all makes and models for an affordable price.
Using Heating Cooling Beyond ensures you are working with the best technicians in the area. We also offer some of the best values when it comes to new installations, air conditioner and furnace sales, and system replacements. We provide free in-home consultations for new installations or replacements. During this visit, our experts will consider the size of your home, your heating, and cooling preferences, and check your existing ductwork before making any kind of recommendation. When making a recommendation, we will go over all of the products available to you that meet your needs and fit your budget.


Services Offered Through Heating Cooling Beyond

Customers know that they can count on Heating Cooling Beyond for the best service around when it comes to HVAC services. Our service technicians bring with them years of on-the-job experience, allowing our team to work on all makes and models of HVAC systems, even those not installed by us. Licensed service technicians are capable of providing a variety of HVAC services:

  • AC Tune-ups
  • Furnace Tune-ups
  • AC Repair and Service
  • Furnace Repair and Service
  • AC Replacements
  • Furnace Replacements
  • AC Installation
  • Furnace Installation
  • And More

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