Central Air Conditioner Repair and General AC Service

Central Air Conditioner Repair and General AC Service


We are a leading HVAC company serving Los Angeles and Ventura Area. Heating Cooling & Beyond Inc. is a full service heating and air conditioning company specializing in the maintenance, repair, and sale of heating and air conditioning systems in Los Angeles. We also excel in improving your Residential and Commercial air quality by cleaning and sanitizing air ducts, replacing air ducts, changing filters, installation of blown-in insulation, installation of air purification systems, and the installation or upgrade of your heating and air conditioning systems.

We're the Leading Choice for Your Heating & Cooling Needs in Los Angeles & Ventura Area


Service and Repair

Fast Same Day Service

✔️ We service all makes and models of
✔️ heating and air conditioning equipment
✔️ Excellent service calls response time
✔️ Low cost repair estimates
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Sales and Installation

✔️ Brand new high quality systems at the best possible pricing
✔️ Our focus on proper system specification, efficiency and design will save you money, month after month
✔️ From basic to extremely complex, we can handle your needs
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Other Products

✔️ Improve Indoor Air Quality
✔️ Hyper Allergenic Filters
✔️ Energy Saving Consultation(free with all new system installations)
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What Our Customers Say

Jed H.

“We had our HVAC systems replaced in our house and they were very fast to respond and get the job done. I had some concerns after the job was complete and they were very quick to answer and correct the issues. Overall, I feel like they are a good value and you can trust that they’ll do the right thing.”

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Bel Air, CA


John S.

“I was very impressed with the service I received. I called for service on my condenser unit (the outdoor unit). It was experiencing an electrical problem that one of his competitors had been unable to diagnose. Amir arrived on time, checked out the unit and had it repaired in ten minutes. He made a recommendation for a new thermostat, verified the operation of the unit for a few more minutes and was on his way. No frills and no upsells. He got the job done, which is what I wanted. I will call him again if there is a ‘next time.’”

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Thousand Oaks, CA


Wayne L.

“Amir is great.  He’s done work for me multiple times.  He responds quickly and a pretty straight shooter.  Honest and does a great job.  Likes to educate clients and I appreciate the knowledge.  He is also a local guy and happy to support local.”

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Hidden Hills, CA



What Sets Us Apart from Other HVAC Contractors in Los Angeles?


Extensively Experienced & Highly Skilled Technicians


We’re Available Around The Clock To Handle Emergencies


We Will Leave Your Property As Clean As When We Arrived


Serving Customers In The Los Angeles Area For Over A Decade


We Always Maintain Fully Stocked Hvac Service Vans


Our Technicians Are Fully Licensed, Bonded & Insured

An AC Repair or Replacement

Signs You Need
Regularly Shutting Off
AC frequently shuts off, disrupting comfort and demanding attention.
Blowing Warm Air
AC blows warm air, frustratingly defeating its cooling purpose.
Difficulties Turning On
AC poses a challenge, refusing to power on with ease.
Filters Are Dirty
Clogged AC filter contaminates the air, impairing indoor freshness.
Unit Making Strange Noises
AC unit emits unsettling noises, hinting at impending mechanical distress.
Copper for Freon is Frozen
Frozen AC copper hampers Freon flow, chilling cooling efficiency.

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Reliable AC Service. Guaranteed Satisfaction.

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